Monkey Mind Productions was founded by Artistic Director – Emma Foxall in February 2015.  The company launched with the highly successful Bluebird at the Bluecoat project.  The company has the long term ambition of creating exciting and ambitious international arts and cultural projects in Liverpool and beyond.

Emma started out as a performer herself – singing, dancing and acting from an early age. This led her to London for several years where she enjoyed success as a solo artist, session singer, presenter and actress. She then moved to the United States and worked in the music industry in Nashville from 2000-2005, during this time she had a publishing deal with Sony/ATV tree and developed strong and lasting relationships with the industry and creative community there.

Emma moved back home in 2005, studied at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and moved on to working with Youth Music, Arts Council England and as a freelance producer and fundraiser. Emma brings the valuable mix of creative artist perspective, strategic planning and management to her work.

She said: “Monkey Mind Productions’ work is important to me because we offer international talent development opportunities to British artists and unique international projects to British audiences.”


From David Pichilingi (CEO and founder) and Rebecca Ayres (COO):  Liverpool Sound City. 

“Emma’s advice and critical analysis in support of the development and launch of the Sound City Youth music programme 2011, Music Business Entrepreneur Training Programmes and New York Sound City 2012 and 13 proved invaluable.  She is highly creative and skilled in the research, development, design and analysis of projects from start to finish and we would not hesitate to recommend her to any organisation wishing to bring ideas to life.”

From Bridie Jackson:  Individual artist. 

“I was lucky enough to meet Emma after she saw me perform at Sage Gateshead in January 2012 at the launch of my debut album. Emma encouraged me to apply for a grant from the Arts Council to help in the professional development of my career, and gently guided me through the process, whilst ensuring I was thinking for myself and creating my own ideas and goals. She provided excellent support and knowledge of the industry, which not only led to me being successful in getting the grant, but gave me the confidence to apply for further funding. The project she encouraged also went on to win the Journal Award for best museum project 2013.”

From Mark Cowley:  Director, Hug Management. 

“During my time as Director of Chester Rocks Emma’s advice, project design, management and fundraising skills enabled us to support local emerging talent and produce a festival fringe project.  The project came about due to an overwhelming response from regional musicians and bands wanting to get involved with the festival.  Emma’s mix of music business, community music and arts sector expertise was invaluable to us and resulted in a successful two day Fringe festival project that featured the best North West indie bands and artists and facilitated career development opportunities for all involved.  If you’re looking for someone to not only make your ideas a reality but take them to the next level, Emma is the person to call on.”

More about our work:  

Monkey Mind Productions believe that there’s an art to everything!

We enable great ideas to become reality.  We produce our own projects and also help organisations, artists and creative minds produce events and projects that offer life-changing artistic and cultural experiences and champion talent.

We help organisations, artists and creative minds to realise their ideas and full potential.

You’ll find us working across all media and in all sorts of partnerships. We can help you bring the right Monkey Minds together to achieve exciting, innovative projects and events that exceed expectation. We can help you to make beautiful things happen in unexpected places and our artistic direction and curation skills build bespoke projects with an edge.

We might let our imaginations run wild, but we know our stuff. We are experts in creating, planning, managing and fundraising. We know how to build effective relationships, get the best from our partners and achieve the best outcomes for our clients and audiences.

Our services include:


Monkey Mind definition:  A mind that jumps from thought to thought like a monkey jumps from tree to tree. The monkey mind is not content with existing in the present moment, but rather is constantly inspired by ideas to the point of distraction. 

Monkey Mind Productions solution:  We will focus on your big idea and realise your vision in the present moment. We will tame the monkey but not stifle the creativity, leaving you to focus on your Monkey Mind as a creative tool.